January 30, 2024

You've Seen Great Results From Your Google Search Campaigns When Using Remarketing

You've seen great results from your google search campaigns when using remarketing, but what else can you do to take your online advertising and conversion rates to the next level?

Remarketing allows you to show highly targeted ads to users who have already visited your website or specific web pages. The ads will appear as they browse other websites within the Google network - or even on partner networks like YouTube and Gmail. This is a cost-efficient way to reach the right people at the exact moment that they are considering buying your products or services.

Improve your Return on Investment

Retargeted ads can help you close the gap between a potential customer's awareness of their need for your product and their decision to buy. This makes remarketing an excellent complement to other digital strategies like SEO.

It is also very easy to set up remarketing lists based on what visitors have done on your site, and you can target specific pages, product categories or even whole sections of your website. This allows you to focus on the key stages of your sales funnel, which is especially important for businesses with complex products or services.

One of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rate with remarketing is to use social proof, such as testimonials from past customers. You can do this by adding a video to your landing page or by creating an ad that features a happy customer who relates to your target audience.

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