February 22, 2024

Why Won't Snap Let Me Add Someone?

If the person you're trying to add has their Snapchat account set to private, they may need to approve your friend request before you can see each other's snaps or stories. You can try to reach out to them on another platform or through a mutual friend.

Snapchat's servers can occasionally experience issues that make it difficult to sign in or send a friend request. Toggling your WiFi and mobile data connections may help resolve this issue.

You may also be unable to add someone if their username has been changed or their account has been deleted. You can ask them for their new username or search for them by their display name or phone number if this is the case. Additionally, typos in the user name or phone number can prevent you from finding and adding them.

Some users change their Snapchat settings to only accept friend requests from people in their phone contacts. If this is the case, you can ask them to switch it back to 'Everyone' temporarily so that you can send them a request.

If you're still unable to add someone, it may be because they have blocked you or their account has been deactivated. You can contact Snapchat support through the app or website to report this issue. They can investigate further and look into any other account-specific issues that you may be experiencing. It is also possible that your Snapchat friend limit has been reached.

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