January 31, 2024

Why the Date of the Article Or Post Might Be Important?

The date of the article or post might be important to some viewers. It gives them a sense of the relevance and accuracy of the content they are reading. It also helps build trust in the brand of the blogger. It might also help readers filter out content that may be irrelevant or outdated.

Nevertheless, there are some bloggers who prefer to hide their article or post dates, especially when they write timeless or evergreen content. This is because they want to give the impression that their articles are always up to date and relevant.

While hiding the article or post dates may have a certain appeal, it can have some negative effects as well. Some readers might notice that the content is not up to date, and they may click back to find more recent articles instead. This can have a negative impact on the traffic of the site.

Moreover, search engines might also take the date of an article into consideration when ranking it for queries. Therefore, if you are planning to change the date of your article, it is best to do so only when you have made significant changes to the content.

Some webmasters might try to hide the dates of their posts by using a plugin or coding. However, this can have negative effects as well, as the search engine might consider the hidden date as the actual published date and not the last updated date. This can affect the search engine rankings of the article, as it will move it up the list for searches done at a later date.

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