January 31, 2024

Why Should I Connect Google Analytics to Backlink Audit?

When performing a backlink audit, it is not just about finding and removing toxic links. It is also about understanding the context of the backlinks and discovering new opportunities for getting high-quality links. Using cognitive SEO metrics will help you do this better. This article will discuss why should i connect google analytics to backlink audit and provide tips for using the data from your GA account to improve your link building strategy.

The first reason for connecting your GA and GSC accounts to your Semrush backlink profile is so that you can understand the performance of your pages and links. For example, if a page has many links but not much organic traffic, you may want to consider refreshing the content or optimizing it for a keyword. Another way to use the GA data is to see which pages are driving traffic from the most sources. This can give you ideas for creating similar content to attract more links.

Once you connect your GA and GSC accounts to your Semrush account, you can see how your tox scores are changing based on the actual traffic from each backlink. This can prevent you from disavowing too many links that are driving real traffic to your site. It can also help you identify which types of links are driving the most traffic, so you can focus on attracting more of these.

The other reason for connecting your GA and GSC accounts is to get a better picture of your bad link neighbourhoods. For example, if you are seeing an increase in the number of links from websites that have been previously penalized by Google for unnatural linking practices, then it is important to know where these are coming from so that you can mitigate any potential damage that could be caused by these links.

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