January 30, 2024

Why Offer a SaaS Free Trial?

Offering a free trial is a great way to increase software sales by letting customers experience your product before they commit. SaaS companies typically set their free trials up to be either time-limited or feature-limited. In the latter case, customers can still experience all of the value of your product while you get a soft commitment and follow-up on their interest. However, there are many things that can affect conversion rates for a saas free trial strategy; implementing the right limitations, ensuring proper customer engagement and using a data-driven approach for user onboarding will help you achieve optimum results.

In addition to reducing signup friction, free trials are also a great way to build trust and credibility. They’re often more effective than product demos at driving conversions and can be much cheaper than a traditional sales team. However, like all marketing tools, they come with their own pros and cons that are worth considering before you launch your saas free trial strategy.

The ideal length for your free trial depends on the complexity of your product and average time to value (TTV), a key metric that shows how long it takes customers to realize their ROI with your software. A longer free trial duration is a better option for more complex products, as it will give users a chance to discover all the features and fall in love with them. At the same time, you need to be able to create a sense of urgency that motivates them to subscribe at the end of their trial.

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