February 22, 2024

Why My TikTok Following Page Only Shows Trending Creators?

When your TikTok Following page only shows trending creators, it's likely because of the Tiktok app algorithm. This algorithm determines who is shown on your following page by their engagement. It also takes into account if your followers are engaging with your content, as well as other factors like your location and time of day. The algorithm is meant to make your experience on the app more enjoyable and relevant.

However, if you find yourself watching old videos on your Following page again and again, it can get tiresome very quickly. This is why you should try to diversify your feed by exploring new creators and content on the Discover tab. This will help your following page update more frequently with new videos.

If you are having issues with your following page not updating, it is important to check the internet connection. Tiktok needs a stable and reliable internet connection in order to work properly. If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, this could cause your Tiktok app to not load properly and show old videos on the following page.

Lastly, you can also try clearing the Tiktok app's cache data. This is a great way to fix many Tiktok issues and will often fix the problem with your following page. To clear the Tiktok app's cache, simply open your app, tap on the 3 vertical lines icon, and then select "Settings and Privacy." From here, you can choose to Clear Cache.

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