February 23, 2024

Why isn't My Google News Updated?

Google News is a news aggregator which features top stories and personalized content for your interests. It updates throughout the day to bring you headlines from around the world and in your area. It also provides you with a full coverage of a story and other perspectives for in-depth information.

If your website is about news, it is a great idea to get listed in Google News. It will bring you a lot of traffic and establish your website as an authority in the field. However, to be included in the Google News snippet you need to fulfil various requirements. These include the fact that your news articles are regularly produced and actually represent news. They must also follow technical guidelines. Furthermore, the titles of your articles should contain a news search term that users are likely to use.

In addition, you should make sure that your videos only include media that reports on recent events. It is best to avoid promoting your site or business with how-to videos, commercial ads or trailers. In case you do have copyrighted material, you should comply with DMCA guidelines when dealing with it.

Since the new version of Google News was rolled out, some people have complained that their stories are not appearing in the app. The reason for this is that Google News uses a different algorithm than other search results and prefers news articles that have been recently published and stay updated on trends.

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