January 30, 2024

Why is TikTok Shadow Banning Me?

A shadow ban is a limited or invisible restriction of your visibility on TikTok that prevents new users from finding your content and may even limit the views, likes, comments and growth on your account. The reason for this limitation can be anything from spamming, violating the community guidelines, copyright infringement, inciting violence or promoting violent extremist organizations or individuals.

If you think that TikTok is shadow banning you, you can try to resolve the issue by deleting any videos that might violate their rules and policies. However, this solution isn’t a quick fix and can take two weeks before your reach and engagement rates will be restored. Additionally, you can also try to refresh your TikTok app and delete its cache memory.

Moreover, you can also analyze all of the videos that you uploaded to find any that may have gone against their guidelines or terms of service. This is important because the TikTok algorithm isn’t always logical and may have mistakenly identified your behavior as spam or other violations.

Typically, a TikTok shadow ban happens without your knowledge and is triggered automatically by the platform’s algorithms based on its community guidelines and terms of service. This is because the algorithms aren’t as logical as human reviewers and can be prone to mistakes. Therefore, a shadow ban can be difficult to identify unless you have a lot of followers and are actively monitoring your TikTok activity. The best way to detect a shadow ban is if your videos stop showing up on the For You page.

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