February 23, 2024

Why Is There Only One Snapchat Filter?

Snapchat is an awesome app that lets you send messages to friends and family. But what really sets it apart is the filters. You can use these filters to make yourself look older, or you can add other things like cat ears and whiskers. There are a lot of different filters to choose from, and they're always changing. You can find new ones in the Discover section, or you can swipe left and right with two fingers to rotate through available filters on your current snap.

One of the most popular filters is Cartoon 3D Style, which makes you look like you stepped right out of a Disney movie. Another favorite is the Anime Style filter, which has a unique specific anime look that's great for taking pictures with friends or as a way to show off your inner anime warrior.

There are also some filters that show you the time and temperature, or even display the day of the week. These are often sponsored by certain brands, or they're part of augmented reality experiences that Snapchat offers for free. Some of these AR lenses are downright hilarious, too. For example, the Lion filter shows you as half-lion and half-human.

These filters rely on a type of computer science called Computer Vision. They use face detection to detect any faces that are present in the picture or video frame, then adjust or distort them based on the filters you select. Snapchat also uses this technology to identify what filters were used in the snaps you see on other users' phones.

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