January 30, 2024

Why Is Spotify Giving Me So Many Ads?

There are two things that most children and adults fear, African parents and Spotify ads. The latter are notorious for their overbearing nature that can frustrate users into buying a premium subscription. Spotify needs revenue and advertising is the best way to do it. That is why they play so many advertisements in between songs and podcasts. However, you can avoid this annoyance by using an ad blocker on your device. This article will discuss why is spotify giving me so many ads and provide a few methods that will get rid of them forever.

Ads on Spotify

The primary source of revenue for Spotify is advertising. They sell ad space to many companies and advertisers and make the most of their massive user base. However, it is important to note that premium subscribers account for a large portion of the company’s revenue. As such, Spotify has to make sure that they are able to convert free users into premium subscribers.

This is why they serve up ads to free users after every 2-4 songs. They also use this strategy when it comes to podcasts as well. The ad can either be dynamically inserted or be hosted by the podcaster themselves. Regardless, it will be annoying and frustrating to listen to your favorite podcast only to be interrupted by an advertisement.

If you want to stop the Spotify ads, consider investing in a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) application. NordVPN is one of the top VPN applications available and provides high security, speed, and stability. This will allow you to stay protected from malicious content and prevent your identity from being stolen.

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