February 22, 2024

Why is My TikTok FYP Messed Up?

TikTok’s algorithm that determines your FYP can get a little messed up sometimes. If you watch a lot of videos that aren’t interesting to you, dislike lots of videos or just don’t engage with the app a lot, the algorithm can accidentally start serving you content it thinks aligns with your interests, but doesn’t actually. This can cause your FYP to be filled with videos that aren’t interesting to you, and it can take some time for the algorithm to rebalance things out.

One of the most common reasons for this is a bad internet connection, and you can try resetting your WiFi router, switching to cellular data, or restarting your device to resolve this issue. Another problem is your device could need an update, and you can try updating the software through your Settings on iOS or on Android. You can also reset your app by reopening it and going through your Digital Wellbeing screen to ensure you don’t have any parental controls or third-party restrictions enabled.

Lastly, your account may have been temporarily soft banned or shadow banned by TikTok, and this can prevent your FYP from refreshing normally. You can appeal shadowbans by contacting TikTok directly through their feedback channels.

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