January 30, 2024

Why is My FYP Only Showing Accounts I Follow?

The TikTok For You page (FYP) is the main timeline of recommended videos that appears when you log in to TikTok. It’s meant to be hyper-personalized for each user, based on how you interact with content and the types of videos that you like and comment on. Over time, the algorithm learns what kind of video content you genuinely enjoy and populates your FYP with these kinds of videos. However, if your FYP is showing you a bunch of videos that you don’t like, it can be frustrating. This article explores some reasons why your FYP isn’t showing the right videos and walks you through troubleshooting tips to get it back on track.

Some users are reporting that their FYP is only showing videos from accounts they follow, or from verified creators. This seems to be a bug that TikTok hasn’t officially addressed yet, but it’s still a big problem for many users.

You can help to train the TikTok algorithm by following a wider variety of creators that make the kind of videos you enjoy. Liking videos that you watch and commenting on them amplify the signals to the algorithm, helping to retrain it and improve your FYP over time.

You can also try to refresh your FYP by clearing all of your watch history. This can retrain the algorithm to show you new, fresh video recommendations. However, if you clear your watch history too often, it may take longer for the algorithm to reset itself and serve up new video recommendations.

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