January 30, 2024

Why is My Facebook Ad Not Delivering?

Why is my facebook ad not delivering?

When your Facebook Ad is not delivering, it means that the Facebook delivery system is either refusing to serve it or has been blocked completely. There are many reasons that this might happen, including content that is prohibited by Facebook advertising policies (either written or visual), and not meeting the minimum ad creative requirements.

Using the Facebook Page Manager, you can check if your post and the ad attached to it violate any of their policies. This may be due to sensationalist language, clickbait titles, or misleading visual information. If your ad is disapproved, you can edit it to comply with their standards and ask for a manual review by clicking on the ‘Request review’ button.

If your ad is displaying the 'In review' status, it's in an early stage of the approval process. This usually happens within 24 hours, but it can take longer if you've made changes to the campaign, ad set, or ad.

If your ad has more than 20% text, it is considered to be low quality and will be automatically reviewed. You should try to reduce the amount of text in your ad to increase its chance of getting approved. If you're not sure how much text is acceptable, you can use the Facebook Image Size Guide to help you determine whether your ad is too text-heavy. You can also contact the Facebook support team to have them manually review your ad.

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