February 23, 2024

Why Is Google News Not Updating?

Many users have problems when they try to download or update Google News. The app takes a long time to start or does not load at all. A lot of users will then try to restart the download, but this does not usually lead to any useful results. Others will check their internet connection. Oftentimes the problem is caused by the size of the app. The progress bar may give the impression that the app is loading, but this can be false. The app is actually still downloading, but the download speed is so low that the progress bar does not appear to move at all.

One of the most important reasons for why is google news not updating is that the app is using too much data. This can slow down the device and cause it to run out of battery faster. To resolve this issue, it is a good idea to disable the auto-play feature in the news app. Then the app should be able to run smoothly again.

Another reason why is google news not updating could be that the app has a corrupt cache. In this case, the app will not be able to load pages and articles correctly. To fix this, you should clear the app cache. To do this, long press on the Google app icon and then open the Google app settings.

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