January 29, 2024

Why Is Batman Better Than Superman?

When it comes to the ultimate showdown of the most powerful heroes on Earth, everyone knows that Batman is going to win. Despite the fact that Superman is faster, has more strength, and better senses than any human on the planet, Batman is still able to take him down thanks to his unparalleled intellect and superior gadgets.

The reason why people love Batman so much is that they feel he is a more relatable hero than Superman. Batman’s vengeance theme is something that many people can identify with and his duality of a rich businessman and vigilante is something that a lot of people find fascinating.

Another big reason why Batman is considered to be a better hero than Superman is because of his moral code. After witnessing his parents murder in Crime Alley as a child, Batman vows to never kill anyone and use only force when necessary. This is seen as a more noble and respectable stance than Superman’s, which often leads to him overstepping the line and violating the law.

Plus, Batman’s plethora of villains is simply unmatched by any other superhero. From the Joker to Two-Face, Bane to Killer Croc, the caped billionaire has some of the most terrifying enemies in all of comics. Add in General Zod, Brainiac, and Lex Luthor and it’s easy to see why people think that Batman is the greatest hero of all time.

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