February 23, 2024

Why Don't I Have a Following Page on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. It is a popular video-sharing app that lets users customize and share videos of themselves, or simply record and add music to their profile. The app is also used to follow other users and get content based on their interests. However, some users may experience problems with the following page on TikTok. This guide aims to help these users by exploring the possible reasons and the most effective ways of fixing it.

Tiktok, or Douyin in China, was bought by tech company ByteDance in 2017. The company had previously acquired Musical.y, which it merged with to create the wildly successful app TikTok. Since the merger, the company has released updates to make the app more user friendly. These include a redesign and the addition of new features. Unfortunately, some of these changes have had unintended consequences.

For example, some users have reported that their following page no longer shows their following list or the videos they are following. This is a problem because it makes keeping up with favorite creators much harder. The good news is that this issue can be resolved with a few simple steps.

The first step is to try clearing your cache. This method is very effective because outdated cache data can cause issues with the app’s functionality, including the following page. To clear your cache, open your device’s settings app and tap on “Apps.” Select the Tiktok app and then press the three vertical lines icon to open your profile. From here, you can access your following page and see if the problem has been fixed.

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