January 30, 2024

Why Doesn't the Headline Sound Credible?

A great headline is essential for catching reader attention and making a promise to the reader to keep reading. When writing your headlines, put yourself in your readers' shoes and ask yourself "What's in it for me?"

A good headline will make a promise that will grab your reader's attention and be unique enough to stand out amongst the competition. The headline will also provide a clear indication of the content's tone, subject matter and purpose. It will also be important to know your audience and their pain points in order to write a headline that is both relevant and engaging.

Using adjectives and interesting verbs in your headlines is an excellent way to drive curiosity. However, you must be careful not to overdo it and sound overly gimmicky. Also, using numbers in your headlines is a good way to capture attention because people love to read statistics. Finally, you should always include a credible source when making big claims in your copy. For example, if you are going to tell your readers they can become millionaires, you should ensure it's coming from someone who actually has made millions.

In addition, it is generally frowned upon to brag about yourself in your headlines. Your headline should be a summary of your content, not an advertisement for yourself. This can come across as pretentious and can be a turn-off for your readers. For example, a headline like "How I beat Derek Jeter" can be perceived as clickbait and may result in negative feedback.

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