February 23, 2024

Why Does Pinterest Say I'm Not Eligible to Join?

Why does pinterest say i'm not eligible to join

The answer is that you are under 13 years of age and the site requires a legal name and email address. If you are older, then you can sign up for a personal account or a business account. Business accounts offer more marketing features and analytics.

Why does pinterest use i'm not eligible to join

Pinterest is all about sharing ideas and inspiration for cooking, home, style, and more. People who use the service are called Pinners and they collect and share ideas on their "Boards." Pinterest users spend hours searching for new inspiration and products, and the platform is often seen as a therapeutic way to unwind and get creative.

Creating a Pinterest account is free, and you can create a board for each category of content you want to share. You can also upload video clips and images to your boards. To add a Pin, select the red plus button on a website or app, and then choose the type of content you'd like to save. You can then select a Pinterest board to add the Pin to, or create a new board.

When you create a Pin, include a description of the content and a link to the source. This allows other Pinners to easily find the information they're looking for. Pinterest doesn't handle any transactions between brands and Pinners, so it's best to link to a third-party site where purchases can be made.

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