February 23, 2024

Why Does It Say Subscribed on Snap?

You’re probably wondering, “Why does it say subscribed on snap?”

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat is designed to let you see stories from people you follow. These accounts could be celebrities, creators, or people that you want to know. Depending on how much you follow, Snapchat will organize your stories and display them on the Discover tab. It also uses different algorithms to rank your friends and subscriptions.

It’s a common issue to notice that some of your friends are suddenly appearing in the subscription section rather than the friend’s list. This can be confusing because usually only famous figures and publications appear in the subscriptions list and seeing a regular person might be a bit surprising.

There are a few reasons why you’re seeing the “Subscribe” option instead of “Add Friend.” It might be because they didn’t accept your friend request or they have their profile set to public. Snapchat’s privacy settings allow you to send friend requests only to people whose profile is private or at least has one bidirectional friend. If someone has a public account, they can still add you as a subscription but their stories will appear in the Discover tab under the Subscriptions category.

It might be that your friend has a lot of people following them. Snapchat’s algorithm ranks your followers according to how many “Snaps” they have viewed. If someone has a lot of followers, their stories are likely to be seen more often and will get moved to the top of the Discover tab.

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