January 29, 2024

Why Did My Knowledge Panel Disappear?

Google's Knowledge Panel is one of the most important elements of Brand SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Having your Knowledge Panel show up when people search for your personal or business name can help you rank higher and dominate the space on desktop. However, getting and maintaining your Knowledge Panel is no easy feat. You can't just pay for better placement, and a lot of what you read online about how to get yours may be misleading.

There are a few things that can cause your knowledge panel to disappear, including Google reassessing the information in it and changing its algorithms, or if you've violated any of its guidelines. You can also lose it if you're no longer relevant for the query or the information you have in your knowledge panel is inaccurate. You can submit feedback to Google through the "Suggest Edits" link, but that doesn't guarantee that Google will change anything or if it does, that the changes will stick.

The best way to ensure your Knowledge Panel remains is to have a home page that is fact-based and trustworthy. You also want to have several sources corroborating the facts you provide. This is why it's good to be mentioned in reputable publications within your industry. Speaking at industry conferences and writing for them can also be great ways to build this kind of mention, and in turn, strengthen your Knowledge Graph.

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