February 23, 2024

Why Can't I Tag Members in My Facebook Group?

If you’re a group admin, Facebook gives you a handy tool to get everyone’s attention on a post or comment. Using the @everyone tag lets you send a notification to all members in the group, letting them know they’ve been mentioned by the author of the post or comment. This is a great feature, but it’s also important to remember that overuse of the tag can annoy group members and cause them to unfollow the group.

To use the @everyone tag, log into your Facebook account and navigate to your news feed. Next, click on the group you wish to write a post or comment on. Then, compose your post or comment like you normally would. Once you’ve drafted the post or comment, locate the “Tag People” section and type the first name you wish to tag. As you begin to type, matching names from your list of Facebook friends will appear. Click on the correct name to tag it.

Continue tagging the remaining group members as needed until all desired members have been tagged. Once you’re satisfied with your post or comment, hit the “Post” button to submit it.

If you’re having trouble tagging group members, it may be an issue with the Facebook server. Try refreshing the page or logging in from a different device and see if you’re able to successfully tag everyone. If the problem persists, reach out to a Facebook representative for prompt assistance.

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