January 31, 2024

Why Can't I See Who Has Seen My Post in a Facebook Group?

Facebook Groups are a great place to engage your audience on a more personal level. They can be closed to the public and allow you to control who sees your content and posts in a group. This allows businesses to leverage Facebook Groups in a variety of ways. They can create their own private Group for a specific customer community or they can join existing groups and engage with their customers in that space.

A Facebook Group is a collection of people sharing common interests and ideas. Groups can be created for the entire Facebook network or they can be limited to a specific school, college, business, or network. Facebook also offers the option to make a Group public, so anyone can access the content shared within that group.

In May, Facebook rolled out a “seen by” feature for messages and group posts. In July, that feature was expanded to include photos posted in groups. This lets users know who has seen a post or message in a group, including who they’ve tagged in the photo, and when they saw it.

In a world where consumers are more and more likely to read a social post from a friend versus a brand, Facebook Groups offer brands the opportunity to build connection with their audiences in an authentic way. This is especially true if you run a group that is focused on your product or service. For example, Saie, a clean makeup brand and What’s Gaby Cooking, a food blog that has now gone to Sephora, both have had huge success with their Facebook Groups.

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