January 30, 2024

Why Can't I Create a Poll on Facebook Event?

Whether you’re looking for feedback on a product or simply want to know what your audience thinks of your business, Facebook polls can be an effective way to gather data and engage with your customers. However, Facebook has discontinued the option to create a poll in a group, and this article will help you understand why and offer alternative options.

The Benefits of Facebook Polls

Facebook polls encourage engagement, which is one of the best ways to ensure that your posts appear in the News Feed of those who haven’t already seen them. This is important because the News Feed algorithm favors content with high levels of engagement.

Polls are also a great way to spark discussions about controversial topics and differing viewpoints within your industry. This can lead to engagement and lively debates that can lead to more likes, comments, and views of your post.

Creating a poll on Facebook is simple, but you will need to be the creator or admin of the event that you’re hosting in order to add it. Navigate to the event that you want to create a poll for and tap the “Say something” button. You’ll then be prompted to write your question and possible answers.

Select “Poll” as the type of post and then tap the “Edit” button to configure your poll settings. You can select from a number of different settings, including whether you’d like to allow people to add their own answers or not. Once you’re happy with your settings, press “Create post” to publish the poll.

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