January 30, 2024

Why Am I So Shallow?

If you're always gossiping, always talking about celebrity news or material things, and you're not really caring about anything deep, then you may be shallow. Being a deep person means you care about the whole picture and that you take time to reflect on your own beliefs, questions those beliefs, and look at different perspectives. A shallow person doesn't want to do any of that — they're comfortable with their current way of thinking and don't need to challenge their assumptions or broaden their perspective.

Shallow people are also judgmental, and they notice a lot of superficial things about other people, such as how they dress, their home decor, or whether someone has chipped nails. This type of behavior is probably related to their own desire for attention and the need to feel important.

They're impulsive, and they don't really think about how their actions affect others. They might jump from one friendship group to another or from one partner to the next without ever truly forming a bond. If you have a friend or loved one who is constantly complaining about their day, chances are that they're shallow. Drama and conflict are fun for many people because they produce adrenaline and cortisol, which create a rush.

It can be difficult to stop being so shallow, but it's possible. Start by identifying your superficial habits and then consciously try to avoid them. For example, instead of gossiping about other people, focus on their inner qualities, such as intelligence, kindness, or humor. Also, challenge yourself to have conversations that go beyond superficial topics and remember that everyone is worthy of respect, regardless of their appearance.

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