February 23, 2024

Why Am I Not Getting Ads on Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. It offers a wide variety of music from all around the globe and can be enjoyed on almost any device, including computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, gaming consoles, and cars. Spotify is also known for its original content, such as podcasts and exclusive music releases.

Spotify offers two versions of the service – a free, ad-supported version and a premium, ad-free version. However, sometimes even premium users can experience ads. There are a few possible reasons why this is happening.

Ads can play in between songs or on the screen when you are listening to Spotify music. Some of these ads may be skippable, while others are not. Whether or not you can skip an ad depends on the type of device you are using and your subscription status. If you are a premium user and you continue to hear Spotify ads, you may need to review your subscription status or contact Spotify customer support for help.

If your Spotify account is brand new, it might take a few weeks before you start seeing ads. This is because Spotify doesn’t want to bombard new users with ads, which could deter them from continuing to use the app. Another reason you might not be seeing ads on Spotify is if you are using an adblocker or VPN, which can interfere with the way Spotify serves ads. Try disabling them to see if that fixes the problem.

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