February 23, 2024

Why Am I Getting So Many Snapchat Friend Requests?

Snapchat has many privacy settings for who can see your story, send you snaps, and add you as a friend. However, if your Snapchat profile is viral for some reason and you're getting lots of new friend requests, it may be spam from users trying to gain attention. This type of user can be a bot account that's trying to get as many views on their profile or website by adding users and spamming them.

Rando Snapchat accounts can be quite annoying, especially when you're getting tons of new friend requests from people you don't know. These people may claim to be friends and send you nudes, or they may try to get you to enter a contest that requires you to give away personal information like your email address, username, or phone number. It's important to remember that these are scammers who are only looking for ways to steal your information or make money off of you, so don't give out any personal information to anyone on Snapchat.

Another way that randos can find you to add is through the Quick Add feature, which is accessed by tapping your profile avatar or bitmoji on the camera screen. Snapchat's goal for this feature is to allow users to reach a larger audience and grow their network by scanning public profiles or phone numbers. If you turn off this feature, it's likely that the influx of random Snapchat friend requests will stop, but you should keep in mind that disabling this feature will also prevent your legitimate friends and family from being able to add you as a friend through this method.

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