February 22, 2024

Why Am I Getting Ads Even Though I Pay For Spotify Premium?

When you subscribe to Spotify Premium, it’s expressly marketed as ad-free. So, when you get peppered with lengthy ad breaks while listening to your favorite podcasts or music, it’s pretty frustrating, especially since the $9.99/month fee isn’t cheap.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as removing the ads from Spotify because it’s a complicated matter of rights and advertising regulations, along with some inconvenient technical glitches and regional rules. Despite all that, there are still ways to resolve these issues and enjoy your playlists without interruption.

The reason why you’re getting Spotify ads even though you pay for the premium service may be due to ad-blockers, account sync errors, technical glitches, or regional rules and guidelines. Checking each of these factors can help you pinpoint the problem so that you can fix it quickly and enjoy your music or podcasts ad-free.

Another possible cause of Spotify ads is that the music streaming platform has used ad-supported revenue to compensate artists for their work. These royalties are divided among songwriters, publishers, and owners of the master recording, as well as performing artists who make their living from the platform. Royalty calculators are available online to give you an estimate of what you could earn as a Spotify artist.

You can also get Spotify ads because the company uses ad scripts on certain shows and in particular, podcast hosts have host-read ads baked into their recordings. You can avoid these short ad breaks by upgrading to Spotify Premium, which is free for the first 30 days. You can change your payment method by going to the account page and selecting Your plan. It will show your current payment method, as well as a button that says “Update”.

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