January 31, 2024

Which of the Following illustrates How Marketing Has a Direct Impact on Consumers?

Which of the following illustrates how marketing has a direct impact on consumers?

The most important aspect of consumer marketing is the communication and dissemination of product information. This can be done through various channels including traditional marketing techniques, direct mail and telemarketing, which uses telephones to contact potential customers without prior appointment. Another method of consumer communication is social media, which can be used to build brand awareness and influence purchase decisions.

Some purchase decisions require extensive information search to select among competing alternatives. These are often referred to as planned purchases. Other purchase decisions are spontaneous and involve little or no prior planning, such as impulse buys or habitual purchases.

Spurious loyalty refers to consumers undertaking repeat purchasing despite having low relative attitude towards the brand and high switching costs. This is often seen in situations where the brand has a convenient location and/or shelf position, or where there are quasi contractual arrangements such as membership clubs that prevent switching.

Consumers can also experience post-decision regret, known as buyer’s remorse, when they realise that they have made the wrong choice. This can be mitigated by the availability of alternative products or services, for example by using a credit card with a flexible spending limit, or by shopping around for bargains.

A new trend in marketing is to move from a one-size-fits-all approach to individual targeting, which is referred to as “customer relationship management”. This combines market segmentation with microprocessors to target specific groups of consumers and can be used by retailers such as Amazon to personalise the presentations of products to their customers.

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