January 29, 2024

Where to Find Bounce Rate in GA4

Bounce rate is one of the most important metrics for web (or app) owners to understand & keep an eye on. Whether you are an SEO/content marketer, a UX researcher or just looking to understand your own site better bounce rates provide a good picture of how well users are interacting with your website.

The good news is that despite GA4 being quite different from Universal Analytics, you do still have access to bounce rate - though it may not be displayed in your core reports by default. In this article we will show you two different step-by-step guides on how to add it to your reports so that you can get a full understanding of your site's engagement level.

Why is the Bounce Rate Metric Different in GA4?

The biggest change in the way we view data in GA4 is that it no longer uses session-based tracking. Instead it uses event-based tracking which means that instead of seeing a grouping of sessions, we see a list of individual events. This change in tracking has also changed the way that we look at engagement metrics.

For example, in UA we would have seen a combined metric for sessions that spent 10 seconds or more on a page and had 2 or more page or screen views, while in GA4 the scope of this metric has been broadened to become Engagement Rate. In fact, GA4's engagement metric is actually the inverse of Bounce Rate!

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