January 30, 2024

Where in Your Google Analytics 4 Property Can You Find the Conversion Paths Report?

When you are tracking conversions, it is important to understand the user journey to those conversions. One way to do this is by looking at the conversion paths report. But where in your google analytics 4 property can you find this report?

In GA4 the Conversion Paths report is part of the Attribution section. This report has both a data visualization and a data table. The primary requirement to use this is that your GA4 property has ecommerce or goal conversion tracking setup and is linked to Google Ads (if applicable). This allows you to compare the attribution models of your ads and organic channels against each other.

The data visualization shows the attribution as touchpoints and three categories: early, mid and late. These represent the percentage of conversion credit assigned to each of these touchpoints along the conversion path. This helps you to see how different attribution models distribute credit on different paths.

You can also filter which conversion events you want to see in the report. By default it will show all conversion events but you can select specific ones that are relevant for your business.

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