January 30, 2024

Where Can You Find the Conversion Paths Report in Your Google Analytics 4 Property?

The conversion paths report in your google analytics 4 property is a powerful tool for understanding the different channels that help you drive traffic and eventually convert visitors into paying customers. The idea behind this cool new report is to show you the full path that a visitor takes before converting, which is very important especially when you use multi-channel attribution models.

In this report you will see how conversion credit is distributed to the different channels depending on the attribution model you choose. By default it is set to Data-driven attribution (which is what I like) but you can also select First click, Linear and Ads preferred last click as well.

Each column shows you the total number of conversions for that channel as well as the percentage of those conversions that come from that particular touch point. For example, the early touch points (first 25% of the path rounded up to the nearest whole number) is given the least amount of conversion credits followed by the mid-touch points and finally the late touch points.

The great thing about this report is that it includes all the different traffic dimensions you can choose from and metrics such as days to conversion and touchpoints to conversion in one table, which makes it very easy to analyze and compare performance. The only downside is that you cannot select cumulative or non-cumulative data or exclude/include direct touchpoints like you can in UA.

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