January 30, 2024

When Did Facebook Advertising Start?

Despite being the king of social media advertising, Facebook hasn’t always been the best at understanding consumers and integrating their products. They’ve had to make a lot of changes over the years in order to keep up with their competition and stay on top of the market.

The first time that Facebook generated ad revenue was in 2004 with their “Flyers” project. This was a way for students to promote parties or other campus events on the site for a small fee. It wasn’t very refined, but it helped keep the company afloat during its early days.

In 2005, Facebook started promoting ads on the sidebar of its website. These were primarily sponsored links and other advertisements. Later, the news feed began to be populated with ads as well. In 2012, Facebook introduced the social graphs feature which allowed advertisers to see a user’s connections and likes in order to target their ads more effectively. This was followed by the introduction of Facebook Exchange, which enabled advertisers to bid on Facebook’s ad inventory.

In 2016, Facebook made headlines for not stopping ads that were promoting false stories during the U.S. presidential election. The company teamed up with fact-checking organizations and changed their ad policies in order to prevent future false ads. They also started displaying which posts on a page are ads to show users that the content they’re seeing is paid for. In 2018, Facebook expanded their ad formats, now offering 11 separate options.

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