February 22, 2024

What Would Be Beneficial to Include on a Product Description Page?

When it comes to product descriptions, it’s tempting to get too technical or oversell. But, what would be beneficial to include on your product description page is something that makes the customer see how they’ll benefit from the product – not just in terms of what the item does or how it works. It’s also an opportunity to address any objections a potential buyer might have about your product, such as concerns about energy consumption for air conditioners or the quality of materials used in jewelry.

If you have a good understanding of your customer personas, your product descriptions will naturally reflect what buyers want to hear. This might mean writing a super scannable paragraph, using white space, and including different sized fonts. Alternatively, it might mean adding in a video to showcase the features and benefits of your products or listing all of the specific components that go into the final product.

For example, when Silver Cross is selling strollers to expectant parents, they know that customers will have a lot of questions about the product. To ensure these are answered, they put all of the important information about the stroller right in front of shoppers:

Another way to make your product descriptions more effective is by leveraging language that triggers emotions. Words like happy, alive, crave and lust help to convince the reader that they’ll be buying more than just a product — they’re buying an experience.

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