February 22, 2024

What Type of Custom Report Shows a Static Sortable Table With Rows of Data?

The answer to what type of custom report shows a static sortable table with rows of data is Flat Table. This is a very useful report type because it organizes your data in a table format, where each row represents unique combinations of dimension values. This makes it easy to quickly view and analyze your data, since you can sort it according to different metrics.

In addition to their ease of use, these reports are often used for documentation and archival purposes. They are also a great choice when you need a consistent data view across various stakeholders, as they can be shared in a set format without the possibility of real-time alterations or manipulations. However, if you have a large dataset and need more detailed analysis or interactive features, dynamic reports are a better option.

Static reports can be useful for a variety of uses, including shift reports, monthly reporting, auto generated and emailed trends, or other documents that require straightforward, snapshot-like information. When choosing a format for your static report, consider what its intended purpose is and who will be receiving it. Will they benefit from the interactivity of dynamic reports, or are they requiring a set of finalized data that captures a certain period of time?

To create a static report, navigate to the Analytics report that you want to work with (Master view by default). Select New Custom Report. Enter a name for your custom report and choose the Flat Table report type.

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