January 30, 2024

What Setting Must Be Enabled to View Data in Demographics and Interests Reports?

What setting must be enabled to view data in demographics and interests reports?

Demographics and Interests are Google Analytics reports that display information about the age, gender and interests of your site visitors. This information is based on a combination of things like how often they visit your website, the types of content they consume and the items they click on. In order to see this type of report, you will need to enable it in the administration area of the Web Property you are looking to update.

It's important to note that Demographics and Interests only collect data for users who are logged in to Google, and have remarketing and advertising enabled on their DoubleClick account. This is why it's not available by default – it requires additional configuration to get this information in GA4. When you activate this feature, it will also start collecting the Google Signals (which are third-party cookies that are required for remarketing and building audiences) from users going forward.

Nailing down exactly who your audience is can be difficult – especially when your ideal customer isn’t always the same as the people visiting your site. By enabling the Demographics and Interests reports in GA you can build audiences to target with more targeted marketing messaging.

To activate the reporting in your GA account, navigate to Admin of your GA4 property and select the Data Settings tab. Under the Enable Google signals data collection section, click the Get started button. It will take a day or two for the data to become available.

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