February 23, 2024

What Report Shows Users Who Initiated?

Q1: What report shows users who initiated?

A: The Active Users report is a great way to evaluate how your different marketing campaigns are performing in terms of their impact on user retention. It shows a trend line for 1, 7 and 30 day active users, making it easy to interpret the impact of any campaigns you might be running.

To view this report, go to Audience > User Explorer > Active Users. This report displays a list of Users with their Client ID numbers and the metrics associated with those User's sessions (see example below). If you click on a particular user, a detailed breakdown of their on-site actions will be shown. For example, you might see that a user returns to your site 15 times in a month and spends an average of 10 minutes on each visit. This data can help you identify which content is drawing people back, whether it's blog articles or product pages.

You can also use this report to analyze the effectiveness of any ecommerce or goal-based conversion tracking you might have set up on your website. To do this, simply filter by the goals you want to track. If you're interested in evaluating the performance of specific products, you can filter by product name, category or brand. You can even use the report to find out which products users are adding to their cart but not buying, which is often an indicator that there's a problem with your checkout process or pricing structure.

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