February 23, 2024

What Question Can Help Define Your Awareness Stage?

At this stage, potential customers are only just becoming aware of the problems they face. They haven’t yet realized that your product or service can solve these issues, and they might not even know about your company.

To reach this audience, you need to create content that teaches them about the issues they are facing and highlights how your business can help. This is usually done by blogging, and this type of content is often Google-crawlable. Infographics and short videos are great tools for awareness-stage content.

Your audience isn’t ready to be sold at this point, but they are highly receptive to content that helps them name their problem or frame it in a way that allows them to search for solutions online. They also want to learn more about how your company values its employees and its clients.

Once a potential customer has entered the awareness stage, they will start researching the various products and services available to them that they think can help them resolve their problems. They will often be comparing these solutions to each other, and your content should focus on showing them how your solution differs from your competitors. This could be achieved by creating blog posts, webinars, downloadable guides or explainer videos.

At this point, it is important that your potential client understands the value of your solution and the features and benefits that it offers. This can be achieved by gathering consumer feedback and insights through QuestionPro CX, which provides NPS & churn risk analysis, advanced dashboards, workflow setup, disposition metrics and closed loop.

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