January 30, 2024

What Metrics Estimate Conversions That Measure User Behavior Across Devices and Environments?

When it comes to marketing metrics, marketers tend to gravitate toward those that offer a clear picture of how well a campaign or website is performing. This includes metrics such as average conversion rate, cost per acquisition, and the percentage of visitors who complete a desired action on your site—whether it be making a purchase or downloading an app.

But what about metrics that estimate conversions that measure user behavior across devices and environments? That’s where cross-device attribution comes in. Using cross-device attribution, you can get a more accurate and transparent view of the impact that different devices and environments have on your ecommerce sales. You’ll also be able to understand how much your conversions are actually being impacted by your cross-device impact.

This metric can be found in your AdWords account under “Cost/Conversions.” To see this report, you’ll need to have at least 50 tracked conversions per day. Then, Google will be able to calculate how many conversions were completed on a device or environment outside of the original click that was recorded. The number of estimated cross-device conversions will be added to the total number of converted actions and then divided by the total number of clicks to create a cost/conversion ratio, which you can compare to your cost/acquisition ratio.

If you want to go further than standard industry benchmarks, consider segmenting online conversions by traffic source, device, content type or demographic factors. This will give you granular insights and allow you to pinpoint areas that require further optimization.

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