January 31, 2024

What Makes a Person Shallow?

The more time you spend around shallow people, the less likely it is that you'll build deep relationships with them. Shallow individuals tend to rely on superficial metrics like social media followers and their bank account to determine their self-worth, as well as the worth of others.

In fact, when these people do find genuine connections, they often abandon them as soon as something better comes along. This is a clear sign that they're not committed to their friendships, and they lack the maturity needed to form lasting bonds.

Aside from being shallow, these people also have poor communication skills and a love of gossip. They don't want to discuss anything that's too personal, so they stick with light topics such as celebrity gossip or fashion trends. If you try to talk about something deeper with a shallow person, they'll probably make fun of you or turn your topic into a drama-filled conversation.

They also don't think about life's bigger questions, and they don't care about global issues. This is because they see the world through a narrow lens of their superficial interests and daily worries. Additionally, they can be very petty when it comes to conflict, and they might hold grudges for no reason other than their own selfish needs.

Despite their surface-level appearances, you might be surprised to learn that shallow people are not always bad. They may even be good friends and family members in some cases, but if you're looking for someone who's able to connect with your own deeper experiences, you'll need to choose differently than them.

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