February 22, 2024

What Kind of Content is Most Likely to Be Organically Linked to?

Manual link-building is a labor of love for many content marketers. The process of knocking on doors and enduring countless rejections to score backlinks can be time-consuming and disheartening.

However, there are strategies to grow your organic traffic and get your content seen by the right audiences. It all starts with creating a piece of high-quality content. Then, you need to promote it in ways that will attract link-building audiences and kickstart the flywheel of backlinks.

What Kind of Content is Most Likely to be Organically Linked to?

Informational content, such as blog posts and in-depth guides, tend to be more likely to receive organic links than promotional content, such as product pages. This is because people find value in sharing helpful resources with their audience. Google also values informative content because it demonstrates that your site is a credible resource on the topic.

In the case of a how-to article, a searcher looking for answers to a specific problem will be more likely to link to a post that provides a step-by-step guide and valuable visuals. Similarly, someone searching for “buy new luggage” will be more inclined to link to a page that provides reviews and product specifics.

To identify what kind of content is most likely to be organically linked to, start by evaluating the pages that rank on page one of SERP for the keywords you want to target. Use an SEO tool to extract the primary keyword of each ranking page and compare it against the search volume and domain rating metrics. Next, filter out the keywords that you would struggle to win based on domain rating and the competitiveness of the competition.

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