February 24, 2024

What is Thumbprint Radio on Pandora?

Pandora thinks it knows you better than anyone else, and the internet radio streaming service is launching a new feature to prove it. It's called Thumbprint Radio, a personalized station based on all of the songs and artists you've given a thumbs up to over your time using the app. You can create a Thumbprint station for free, and it will automatically update as you continue to thumb up tracks. You can also share a Thumbprint Radio station with friends, though they won't be able to change the content of your playlists.

The Thumbprint Radio station will contain every track you've ever given a thumbs up, as well as tracks similar to the ones you already like. You can expect a mix of genres, from country to classical music. Unlike a typical Pandora station, Thumbprint will be hyper-personalized for you, but if past you's taste doesn't mesh with current you, you can edit your Thumbprint Radio by giving tracks thumbs down or up.

Depending on the amount of thumbs up and down you give, your Thumbprint Radio will refresh every four to five days. It will also update with any new thumbs up or down you make across your other Pandora stations.

Considering how much of a personal touch this is for users, it's no surprise that Thumbprint Radio has a 23% higher listening session engagement than the average Pandora station. If you're interested in creating your own Thumbprint Radio, head over to this link and sign up for a Pandora account (or log in if you already have one). It will require at least three stations that have at least four thumbs up on each.

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