February 23, 2024

What is the Purpose of a Pop Up Question?

Have you ever noticed a small square popup appear on your screen while you’re browsing a website, reading a blog post or using a product? This is called a pop up question and it’s one of the most efficient tools to collect feedback on-the-go.

They are usually deployed based on specific actions, like clicking or scrolling. This trigger-based method makes them more effective than email surveys in collecting visitors’ in-the-moment feedback. Moreover, they’re less intrusive and are great for collecting high response rates.

The question type determines how much engagement and response rate you get from your popup survey. In general, multiple-choice questions have higher response rates than open-ended questions. However, they’re more time-consuming to fill out and can discourage users from providing answers. Therefore, it’s important to create a well-balanced question mix when designing your pop up survey.

Moreover, the timing of when your survey appears is also vital. A good strategy is to deploy your popup after a visitor has spent some time on your site, for example, after they’ve reached a certain page length or scrolled through a percentage of it. This way, they’re familiar with your content and will be more interested in answering your questions.

Another popular use for popup questions is to identify ideal customer profiles (ICPs). By asking relevant market research pop-up questions, you can understand who your target audience is and what their needs are. This data helps you align your product offerings with their needs.

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