February 23, 2024

What is the Origin Story of Your Business?

Your company’s origin story can be one of the most powerful and effective marketing tactics. It can be a way to build trust and loyalty with your audience, as well as set yourself apart from your competitors. Whether you’re an established startup like Rent the Runway or a newer, direct-to-consumer mattress business, your origin story can leave a mark and help you build a foundation for your brand.

In addition to sharing your company’s mission and values, an origin story can be a great recruiting tool for new hires. The more a potential employee can connect with your company’s mission and culture, the better their chances are of being a long-term, happy employee.

A family narrative is a central theme in many personal relationships, and it can be used to create strong company cultures, too. A well-crafted family narrative can help you define your values and create a culture of integrity, compassion, and innovation.

Despite what some might believe, an origin story is not the same as your company’s "About Us" page or the professional biographies of staff members. A good origin story is the story of how you came up with your business idea and how that led you to creating a product or service that solves problems for your target audience.

It’s important that your story feels personal, honest and authentic. It’s okay to share humble beginnings or early challenges, but you should avoid fabricating events. For inspiration, look to brands you admire and time-tested storytelling frameworks like the Hero’s Journey.

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