January 29, 2024

What is the Most Least Favorite Color?

From the day our parents cradled us in their pink or blue blankets, we've been exposed to implications about color and gender. While there's no concrete rule that states that certain colors are exclusively feminine or masculine, several scientific studies over the years have drawn some general conclusions. According to multiple worldwide surveys, boys and girls (and men and women) generally choose the primary colors blue or red as their favorite color. Gender-neutral colors like green or orange are also quite popular among children and adults.

When it comes to choosing the least favorite color, both men and women share a similar distaste for brown, yellow, and orange hues. In fact, yellow is statistically the world's most least favorite color, preferred by only 5% of people. This is perhaps due to the fact that it's often associated with gloom, sadness, and depression, or its association with money (according to Birren).

It's not all bad news for yellow. Many brands like Amazon, 76, and Gatorade incorporate the shade into their branding. However, orange, which is the second least favorite color, isn't far behind. This is perhaps due to the fact that orange can be perceived as cheap and inexpensive, which may contribute to its sour taste for some.

Despite the common belief that pink is the least favorite color for boys, this hue actually takes the third place in the list of most disliked colors for both genders. Perhaps the reason why this is the case is that, although it's often regarded as a feminine color, it can be paired with neutral and masculine colors to create a balanced look.

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