January 29, 2024

What Is the Least Used Color?

When it comes to what is the least used color, the most obvious answer is any shade that hasn’t appeared on a website. However, a researcher has found that there are more shades that fall into this category than you might expect.

Gray – Graphite grays are popular in tech and luxury designs (Apple, Swarovski, Mercedes-Benz). Skillfully used, this neutral is a crisp slate on which bold concepts thrive. On the flip side, too much gray can create a dreary and depressing feel.

Purple – This regal hue is associated with royalty and wealth. It’s also known as the color of compassion and trust. Brands that use purple often are ones that need to foster reliance, such as banks and insurance agencies. Other brands like Whole Foods and Land Rover use this color to convey a sense of wholesomeness.

Orange – Often thought of as a "cheap" color, orange has been shown to have a stimulating effect. It evokes feelings of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Brands such as Harley Davidson, Fanta, and The Home Depot use this hue to grab attention.

Red and purple are diametrically opposite each other on the color wheel, so they don’t look good when paired together in striped patterns. Using them in tandem can make your designs appear vibrate and jarring, so they’re best reserved for specific accents and pops of color.

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