February 23, 2024

What is the Goal of a Testimonial?

Long before online advertising was commonplace, marketers realized that a positive recommendation can boost sales and brand credibility. Testimonials have become a standard part of marketing strategies to showcase customer success and build trust with new prospects. The testimonials are often written by former clients, and the bigger their name and the more specific their endorsement is, the better. For example, a prominent businessman’s full name, business name and job title is more effective than just their first initial and the company they work for.

In order for a testimonial to be effective, it must be authentic and relevant. A testimonial should be a genuine statement from a customer that shares their experience with the product and explains how it has positively impacted their life or business. This is especially true for B2B companies, where the audience is often skeptical of sales pitches and looking to gain proof that your business can provide what you claim.

The most effective testimonials are a blend of emotional appeal with substantial reasoning that makes the client feel like you have an answer to their problem. A testimonial should include the client’s name and professional background (with their permission) to boost credibility, as well as specific details of the client’s problem, your solution and the impact it had on the client’s business or personal life.

A successful testimonial should also be a good fit between the customer and your brand. For example, a basketball star such as Lebron James is a natural fit for sports goods manufacturer Nike, while Hollywood actress Natalie Portman’s appearance complements luxury beauty brand Dior. But, as the Nike scandal showed, a celebrity can quickly damage a company’s image by virtue of their personal behavior.

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