January 30, 2024

What is the Difference Between Meta Business Suite and Business Manager?

If you’re managing multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts, you need a tool that streamlines your workflow. That’s where Meta Business Suite comes in. The all-in-one platform was introduced in 2020 as a replacement for Business Manager and Creator Studio. While the two tools have some similar functionality, there are some key differences between Meta Business Suite and Business Manager that you should know about.

The new Meta Business Suite makes it easier to create and manage content for your Facebook and Instagram pages. It features a built-in calendar and scheduling tools that can help your team stay organized and on track. Plus, it’s integrated with third-party tools like Re:amaze to help you automate customer support for your pages and posts.

You can invite team members to Meta Business Suite by using the People tab in the left menu. Then, assign them a role that determines what access they have to the tools in your account. Admin access allows full control of your account, while employee access gives your team members limited access to specific tools.

To start using the Meta Business Suite, you’ll need a personal Facebook account and a business page. Once you have those in place, you can start claiming your ads and ad accounts from the “Analyze and Report” menu in the Ads Manager. You can also add a Facebook pixel to your website to track and optimize your advertising campaigns.

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