February 23, 2024

What is the Best Size for Ecommerce Product Images?

When it comes to ecommerce product images, getting the size right is key. Accurately sized images help shoppers find what they’re looking for, while at the same time keeping the image file size as small as possible to avoid slowing down website load times. If a website takes more than three seconds to load, visitors will quickly leave, and you’ll lose sales.

What is the Best Size for Ecommerce Product Images?

There are many different sizes of product images used across ecommerce websites. Various sizes serve distinct purposes, with small images finding their way into product category listings and search results while medium-sized images take center stage on individual product pages. Larger images step in when users want to see a more detailed or zoomed-in view of a product.

The best size for a single product image depends on the specifics of the item, as well as the visual style of your store and how it’s used. In general, a good-sized image should include the product from several important angles and be captured in a neutral background to highlight the color, shape, and quality of the item.

For detailed product pages, the best sized images are usually 640x640 or 800x800 pixels, which are large enough to show all of the products features without causing pixelation when viewed on mobile devices. A higher pixel count also ensures that the image will work properly for product zoom circumstances. When it comes to images on your homepage or in other locations of your site, the size can be more flexible, but a good rule of thumb is that a high-resolution image is best when possible.

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