January 30, 2024

What is Shadowbanned on Reddit?

Shadowbanning is a ban that prevents a user from creating new posts and comments on reddit. This makes them almost invisible to other users, including moderators. It is a common ban for spammers, but it can be triggered by other users as well.

Reddit uses algorithms/filters to find and catch spammers and people sharing links to bad/dangerous sites as quickly as possible. This results in lots of false positives, with many users who are actually real people and have good intentions being caught in the crossfire. A shadowban can last forever unless the user appeals it.

The best way to avoid getting shadowbanned is to use a different account for each subreddit. This way, if you get banned in one subreddit, you won't be automatically shadowbanned on the other ones. It's also important not to spam/post the same thing over and over again, as this can trigger a shadowban. A good rule of thumb is not to post more than 20 times in the same subreddit.

Some people think they're shadowbanned on reddit when their posts and comments don't appear in the community they posted them to, but this is not necessarily the case. Communities can filter content and may have reasons to remove your posts/comments, so if you're worried about it, you should kindly modmail them to enquire why this happened.

A quick test to see if you're shadowbanned is to visit the r/ShadowBan subreddit and try to create a post. If you can't view the post in the incognito window, then it's likely you're shadowbanned.

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