January 29, 2024

What is Shadow Banning on YouTube?

If you’re a Youtube content creator and have recently seen your reach, views and engagement plummet without explanation, it could be due to being shadow banned. But what does that actually mean? Shadow banning is an unofficial method used by some social networks to limit the visibility of an account or set of accounts without explicitly telling the user that their content has been restricted. This allows them to prevent certain content from being seen on their platform if it’s deemed harmful, spammy or in violation of their terms of service.

A user can be shadowbanned for a number of reasons, from monetization to posting videos that violate the platforms community guidelines. In some cases, users have reported that they have been unable to find their favourite YouTube content creators (such as PewDiePie who has 111 million subscribers) in search results. YouTube has denied that this was the case, citing slower content moderation due to Covid-19 as an explanation.

To avoid being shadowbanned, be sure to stick to the YouTube guidelines and do your research before posting anything. Also make sure to keep a balance with your upload schedule, as posting too many videos in a short period of time can cause your channel to be flagged by algorithms. Also, never post content that is deemed to be 'harmful' or'spammy' and try not to use duplicate content.

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